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 i had diner with celebrities

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Starting Activeness

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PostSubject: i had diner with celebrities   Sat Sep 04, 2010 8:35 am

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well my old friend matt who came over from Williamsburg was at my house yesterday. so then at like 7 his parents got here to bring him back to their hotel. he started pleading like "cant we go see a movie or something! we wont see each other for like months!". so his parents thought and said "we can go to Pastys! we know the owners very well." so in case you don't know Pastys is the best rated Italian restaurant is the US and lots of famous people go there. So we get there and the head chef greets us there because he is freinds with matts parents. so were talking a i soon discover he knows my mom because my mom was like best freinds with his sister. so Stillers also freinds with the chef. so the chef has us all sit together at the same table so we can all talk. so stillers like talks to me and my friend matt like "oh hi how you guys doing?" sorts of stuff. so that goes on and i heard a lot of gossip stuff regarding Martha steward what she is doing now (they made me promise not to repeat it lol). so that was my day yesterday having diner with Ben stiller some famous chef (sal scogmaillo) Christine Taylor and some other apparently famous guy.

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PostSubject: Re: i had diner with celebrities   Thu Nov 25, 2010 2:13 am

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i had diner with celebrities
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