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 Everything Went Downhill

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Starting Activeness
Starting Activeness

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PostSubject: Everything Went Downhill   Sun Sep 05, 2010 3:03 am

So As I'm typing this. I sorta want to cry. I'm feeling pretty bad right about now

You all know how my friend Brad moved away.

Well now my friend jake is talking about moving away as well, and then I just found out matt is gonna go to military school all the way across the country next year. and my friend evan is also gnona be moving.

And i just found all that out las tnight. there there my main group of friends. my closest ones. the ones i do most of my crazy shit with. it reallly hurts to think that they might be gone soon. and next year i'm gonna be like. alone. it's horrible.

and then today i was talking with my mom and dad about numerous things. and we started talking about relationships. and well pretty much my whole family has this gift (on the guys side) where they can get any girl to go on date with them and like them w/e. and i don't have that. i haven't had a gf in over a year. No girls like me. my most recent attempt to get a gf. didn't go over. she doesn't like me. and blah blah. so that bothers me a little bit do.

and then we started talking about me getting a job. and tons of peopl ei know are just getting jobs. and i can't even get one and i've been trying really hard. but nothing.

and all this is just buildin gup. and i hate it. it sucks so much.

sorry to sound like a bitchy baby.
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Everything Went Downhill
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