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  Beautiful Faviana Dresses Can Make Anyone Feel Like a Celebrity

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PostSubject: Beautiful Faviana Dresses Can Make Anyone Feel Like a Celebrity   Thu Sep 30, 2010 4:18 pm

Whether you're preparing for the prom, going to a formal dinner, or are attending an after work cocktail party, all women - young and old - can look as beautiful and stunning as any celebrity in Faviana dresses. Every teenage girl and woman wants to look their best when stepping out on the town with friends or a date, and donning a stylish Faviana dress is the way to go.

Lead designer, Shala Moradi, has created a number of fabulous designs to fit a variety of tastes and sizes while incorporating unparalleled class, sophistication, and beauty into each design. Not only is the price right on these illustrious, high quality designs, but buying them is extremely easy and convenient since you can shop online.

Faviana Goes to the Prom
Now there is absolutely no reason for any diva to be left standing on the wall all alone at a party, unless it is her personal choice. One thing that is for certain is that when a young lady wears a Faviana dress to the high school prom or other special affair, she definitely has numerous and trendy options at her disposal.

The superiority of design, world-class fabrics, and extreme attention to detail that go into each individual piece is exceptional and far beyond compare to any other off-the-rack gown the other girls choose for this very special occasion. When you have on a Faviana, you know that all eyes will be one you.

Affordable Faviana Gowns at Your Fingertips
The name Faviana has become synonymous with high style as well as a pretty steep price tag; even the top actresses and entertainers in Hollywood scramble to don any one of Faviana's red carpet looks and, of course, never bat an eyelash at what the tag reads.

The great news is that now every woman can achieve the same "high-roller" status with Faviana's new "Celebrity Red Carpet Dresses" line, which was inspired by real celebrities who have worn actual Faviana designs. The great difference though is that the cost of these fine dresses is extremely reasonable for the every-day consumer, they can be bought online, and still maintain the high excellence of quality that Faviana is known for. It's a win-win style situation.

The Celebrity Look Thanks to Faviana
One of these celebrity-inspired dresses takes cues from the original Faviana dress that was designed and worn by Carrie Bradshaw - Sarah Jessica Parker's character on the movie, Sex and the City. This dress, the one shoulder stretch satin dress with flower appliqué, created quite the fashion-forward buzz that extended throughout the entire universe when Carrie graced the movie screen wearing it.

Other celebrity-inspired formal Faviana dresses include the chiffon mermaid-style gown with ornate beading on both the straps and the bodice worn by Kim Kardashian to the Monte Carlo Film Festival as well as designs made for Miley Cyrus, Mischa Barton, Jennifer Lopez, and Julia Roberts, among others.

So Many Lengths and Sizes and So Few Events
Faviana dresses come in many different lengths and sizes, including full-length gowns, cocktail, and short dresses. The short dresses are great for dinner parties with family, friends, and colleagues, as well as other less formal affairs like homecoming dances where looking hot is a must.

Just about every girl and woman has experienced difficulty with finding that perfect fit at one time or another, but this is a breeze with many Faviana lines since sizes range from petite to plus, from size zero to 24 wide. So you are sure to minimize any size meltdowns.

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PostSubject: Re: Beautiful Faviana Dresses Can Make Anyone Feel Like a Celebrity   Sat Nov 20, 2010 9:07 pm

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Beautiful Faviana Dresses Can Make Anyone Feel Like a Celebrity
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