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 In 1949, Paramount Pictures

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PostSubject: In 1949, Paramount Pictures   Sat Dec 11, 2010 9:07 pm

In 1949, Paramount Pictures launched the Paramount Television Network, a service which provided local television stations with filmed television programs; Paramount's network "undercut the company that it had invested in."[29] Paramount didn't share its stars, big budgets, or filmed programs with DuMont; the company had stopped financially supporting DuMont in 1941.[29] Although Paramount executives had indicated they would produce programs for DuMont, the studio never supplied the network with programs or technical assistance.[33] The acrimonious relationship between Paramount and DuMont came to a head during the 1953 FCC hearings regarding the ABC–United Paramount Theaters merger when Paul Raibourn, an executive at Paramount, publicly derided the quality of DuMont television sets in court testimony.

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In 1949, Paramount Pictures
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